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Cary Darling’s “Out of the Furnace” Builds Heart Then Loses Energy Quickly

In response to Cary Darling’s 481‑word review of Out of the Furnace on Fort Worth Star-Telegram/

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Cary Darling’s “Movie Review: Out of the Furnace” gets off to a good start before it begins to sputter like a car whose carburetor is about to go and the driver is trying to get it across the finish line before it dies. Out of the Furnace makes it across, but just barely.

Darling starts things off nicely. The audience is immediately intrigued—is the film a cliche-filled waste of time or does it overcome these cliches to be a a compelling movie? The audience will want to keep reading to find out. He even manages to throw in a dig about the way Hollywood tends to show blue-collar people, eliciting a well-earned chuckle in the process.

But then he falls into the familiar trap of too much plot synopsis. The review comes almost to a dead stop as he, drearily, takes five paragraphs to tell the story of the film. One paragraph would have been enough, and by the time he’s back to critiquing, there’s not much fire left. Not that is matters, since the audience will have probably grown cold and lost interest by then. Either way, this work doesn’t so much end as simply collapse.

Any heat Out of the Furnace might have produced early is gone by the time the end has arrived, making this is a piece that cannot be recommended.    

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