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Felix Vasquez Jr’s “Catching Fire” Suffers From Poor Sentence Structure

In response to Felix Vasquez Jr.’s 564‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Cinema Crazed

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Sometimes a film review is so technically inept that it is hard to see past the errors to any positive qualities that may be hiding underneath them. Such is the case with Felix Vasquez Jr‘s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013),” which is so riddled with typos and poor sentence structure that it is difficult to make it through the whole thing.

The main problem of Catching Fire is an almost pathological overuse of commas. They’re everywhere, creating run-on sentences or interrupting the flow of sentences that might otherwise be just fine. The syntax is all off, too. Words are out of order, leading to confusing statements such as referring to the film’s predecessor as “the first serviceable installment,” which implies that there were other installments that were less serviceable.

Perhaps the most embarrassing gaffe is referring to the titular tournament as “the Hungers games.” Ouch. The name is right there in the title; there is no excuse whatsoever for getting it wrong.

It is hard to take a review seriously when it is riddled with grammatical errors, and so the quality of Vasquez’s argument suffers as a result. Maybe he had some good points to make about the film, but they are lost amid the ineptitude.

If ever a review has made the case for the importance of editors, it’s Catching Fire. It never should have seen the light of day in its present form. For fans of using red ink, though, there is at least the opportunity to print it out and go nuts.    

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