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Fred Topel’s “AFI 2013” Is 100% Pure Critique for the Soul

In response to Fred Topel’s 797‑word review of Out of the Furnace on CraveOnline

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Fans of Fred Topel may organize a small party to pay respect to his latest piece “AFI 2013 Review: Out of the Furnace.”

AFI 2013 is one of the most clear and concise reviews of recent memory. There is no razzmatazz or even a Springsteen reference, but rather crisp critique that is comparable to fine glass of white wine.

Topel writes with a subjectiveness in AFI 2013 that is a joy to read. It’s almost as if the critic is sitting across from you just a-chattin’ away about cinema.  

The entirety of AFI 2013 is analysis, and Topel doesn’t waste any time detailing out the entire plot with boring writing. No, this is a film critique, and the critic brings the goods. Each tightly-constructed paragraph gets the point across effectively, most notably an excellent take on the parallel scenes of the film. Topel has a great eye for the small details and serves up his knowledge to the reader with grace.

AFI 2013 is a rare review in which the lack of performance breakdown is not a huge problem. Topel does such an excellent job of analyzing various themes that he brings the characters to life through his writing acumen. A little more thought on Bale and the supporting cast wouldn’t have hurt anybody though.

Fred Topel’s AFI 2013 is pure critique that is essential for the review soul.    

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