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Matt Kelemen’s “Rust-Belt Requiem” Is a Meal You Will Be Eager to Devour

In response to Matt Kelemen’s 687‑word review of Out of the Furnace on

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If you’re afraid that Matt Kelemen seems about to play spoiler in the opener of his enthralling “Out of the Furnace: Rust-Belt Requiem,” don’t be. He doesn’t reveal that much—holding back quite admirably, actually—and proceeds from that point to write an engaging piece of film critique that should have audiences applauding by the end.

In all fairness, the critic does slow the piece down a bit too much during the plot synopsis—a more concise recitation of events would have helped, to be frank—but get past that and Keleman grabs hold of the audience and does not let go until he’s good and ready.

Doing a splendid job of blending praise and criticism as he goes, the reviewer inserts references to other films with ease that never jars the audience and enhances the piece. This is also true when he compares this movie to the director’s first film, offering insight into the director’s strengths and weaknesses. The critic also makes sure to offer his opinion on the cinematography, making this a full and complete work.

Kelemen’s prose moves gracefully from point to point; he is as much a craftsman here as he is an artist, making Rust Belt Requiem (love that phrase!) a complete and total work of art. Work that people hungry for a well-drafted movie review should devour.    

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