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Jeff Meyers Makes Personal Attack Then Backs Away in “Counselor”

In response to Jeff Meyers’s 891‑word review of The Counselor on Metro Times (Detroit, MI)

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Jeff Meyers is a true master of the tagline and his latest work “Film Review: The Counselor.” is a testament to this. The critic makes quite an aggressive statement with “woman-hating monstrosity”, and then backs away after a couple vague paragraphs. If Meyers is to make such a statement, it would make sense to provide more context rather than going for shock effect. Where do the male characters fit alongside the women? Are they equally horrible? How do the men serve the women?

The opening statement in Review: Counselor leads to a rather unpleasant first half of the review. The critic spouts off profanity and just seems angry until he manages to compose himself and deliver a critique of the film. However, Myers never returns to the “woman-hating monstrosity” argument. The reader has already been hooked by that and its absence is all the more conspicuous.

Review: Counselor is your typical solid critique from Jeff Myers. The writing is phenomenal, and the critic guides the reader along with deep insight on all aspects of the film from direction, script, plot devices and character analysis. The critic examines specific scenes and communicates the larger picture for the reader. If readers weren’t propped up on false expectations, the experience would be phenomenal.

Review: Counselor is recommended despite the questionable open. One will certainly respect the opinion of Jeff Myers, however to make such an aggressive attack and then abandon it completely is an amateur move at best. Myers’ words seem to look for an angle, and fail to address the characteristics of the male characters in regard to his argument.    

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