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Dowd’s “Kick-Ass 2” Is a Screaming Eagle of Tasty Goodness

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A. A. Dowd’s “Kick-Ass 2” pokes you in the eye with the disgust and revulsion the movie evokes and doesn’t stop. It’s fine form, and as relentless as the film under review.  

Pop culture references, film history, literary asides, all conjure up a malicious and vile tone. This is a review that unpacks the ugly heart of the art under review and goes to town tearing it apart.

Intent? That’s covered. Theme? Bingo. And Dowd gracefully dances with the core dilemma of this film: is it satire if it loves the brutality it’s demonstrating in hyperbolic splash pages on the screen? Or is it just an exercise in indulgence, wearing the mask of satire?

It’s an uncomfortable but necessary question.  

The usual plot points (see the first Kick-Ass,) bright spots (Hit Girl is still great), and lost opportunity (the villain’s sardonic menace) that reviews of the film are known for are all here, but Dowd is unrelenting in the dismissal of the franchise in total.

There is no apology for loving the first film; no guilt for liking a kid who cuts people to shreds, and this clarity and focus give the review insights about when the film stumbled towards something interesting, good or valuable.

Without a doubt, Dowd’s review is worthy of note, if only for the clarity of its revulsion.    

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