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Rob Daniel’s “GRAVITY” Is Rushed and Comically Amateurish

In response to Rob Daniel’s 440‑word review of Gravity on Sky Movies

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There’s something special about Sky Movies reviews. The way that the whole site is dedicated to the review, the beautiful header images that always manage to capture a unique vision, they just seem to know how to make reviews shine.

For those who look forward eagerly to the Sky Movies experience, Rob Daniel’s “GRAVITY” is something of a letdown. It’s a stunted work that never manages to take off. The little momentum it does occasionally generate is counteracted by awkward and at times ridiculously cliched turns of phrases (“the edge is the only part of the seat you’ll use.”)

These moments of eye-rolling attempts to generate excitement completely remove the reader from the action. The worst of these moments comes when Daniel philosophizes on what the “greatest danger” is. The wheels really come off at that point.

While there is plenty of praise in GRAVITY, it sounds like an echo rather than a new voice. There is little, if any, original thought to be found here and very little in the work that makes it recommendable. Near the end, Daniel gives up on his attempts at critique and instead rattles off a list of things to expect. This all leads into a disappointing conclusion that puts the final amateurish nail into this work’s coffin.    

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