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Buy Into Dustin Putman’s “Wall Street” Now

In response to Dustin Putman’s 1168‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on

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Critics, more so than many other professions, are asked to endure an endless amount of backlash. Post a bad review of a movie based on a book some Joe Moron likes? He’s ready to eat your children. Dustin Putman, resident critic at the appropriately named, has endured more than his fair share (search Dustin Putman and Google finishes your sentence with “is an idiot”).

The reasons why are what make Putman such a good critic—he doesn’t hesitate to take down sacred cows and he never shies away from praising a film that other critics have blasted.  

In “The Wolf of Wall Street  (2013),” Putman is at the top of his game. The prose is hyper-intelligent and always pushing forward, driving the review into new territory and pulling readers along with it. There are times when this approach becomes a little dense, a problem that could be fixed, to some extent, with a cosmetic upgrade to the site—the font and layout are not friendly to the eyes.  

The analysis is painstakingly constructed and the critiques are satisfying in their depth. The intensity with which Putman approaches his premises is admirable, but it also means this is mostly a review for the hard core enthusiast.     

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