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Rick Bentley’s “Heavy Exposition…” Starts With a Bang, Ends With a Wimper

In response to Rick Bentley’s 594‑word review of Ender’s Game on Fresno Bee

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Much anticipation is always abound when reading Rick Bentley’s work. Unfortunately, the end result does not live up to the hype in his latest work, “Heavy Exposition Drains Energy From ‘Ender’s Game. ‘”

It starts cleverly enough, surmising the film from his point of view that entices the reader to read more. But chinks in the armor are apparent from the first paragraph. It’s clear he didn’t analyze his source material too carefully, or more accurately, the source from the source.

The story’s origin goes back to a tome published three decades before, and had met with tremendous resistance before converting it to film. While this is an intriguing bit of trivia, it is not, or rather should not be, the central focus. Nevertheless, Rick devotes an inordinate amount of attention to the past and even seems to linger in its universe afterwards.

Indeed, when describing the subject at hand, he references names, places and various terminology as it was written years before, completely ignoring how they are referenced in the final product. One suspects those missteps will lose the audience and even make them question whether the author has seen the film at all.

Clever reviews are one thing, basing them in preposterous circumstances is another. Even the most well-sculpted reviews can be undermined by inaccurately relaying the facts. Alas, that is what has happened here. It is a shame that such a talented wordsmith has stabbed himself in the foot with his latest work. Hopefully he will redeem himself with the next, lest he illicit disdain from his audience and paint himself as a fraud in the process.    

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