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Robert Kojder’s “Catching Fire Review” Is a Bit Boring and Forgettable

In response to Robert Kojder’s 977‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on What Culture

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Robert Kojder’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review” will help convince you to get outside and take a breather from the old computer for a bit.

There are no fireworks, there no tragic wreckage, just a shrug and a memory that will fade into obscurity. The problem with Kojder’s article is that is has no lasting impact. He makes his points (that seem to go on forever) and as quickly they are read they are forgotten.

On one hand the critic seems to be making the point that the film is grander and better than the original, but he also calls the same aspects of what he lauds “retreads.”

There is spoiling and then there is purveying in unnecessary revelations. This review does the latter. There isn’t really a need to give the schematics of the arena that The Hunger Games takes place in.  The spoilers aren’t really kept to a minimum either, so yes, the review does suffer from overshare fever as well.

Robert Kojder might need to cut a bit of the fat next time around as the meat portion of the review is very lean. If it isn’t painfully obvious, this review had some glimmers of potential. Sadly, they drowned in the rivers of mediocrity.    

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