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Brian Orndorf’s “‘Ender’s Game’ Preview” Is Frustratingly Repetitive

In response to Brian Orndorf’s 773‑word review of Ender’s Game on

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Brian Orndorf’s “‘Ender’s Game’ Preview” is a solid review that waxes and wanes on occasion, yet never seems to reach newness or fullness.

Orndorf starts the review off with a big verbal swoop of intelligent humor. Unfortunately, he is unable to maintain the engaging tone. He provides a great deal of Ender’s Game information and plot summary, but his efforts feel stunted by a glaring condition known as repetitive defeat. Orndorf gets considerable mileage out of restatements of both characters and opinion, but the trip ultimately becomes a weary one for the reader.

Particular sentences and sections of Orndorf’s writing are quite interesting, and he has an obvious understanding of language, considerable talent with concepts, and at times, even literary skill with nuances. On the other hand, portions of Orndorf’s writing and analysis are clumsy, which saps power from the pieces of thought provoking commentary and entertaining exposition.

Orndorf’s ideas are duly noted, yet rarely felt or fully explained (other than through restatement, of course). The numerous pictures of the film provide a little eye candy, but the review itself is slippery, where the landscape is like a kitchen, the writer like an adolescent out to prove himself by twisting and turning, where the floor is covered in olive oil.    

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