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Lou Lumenick’s Addictions Ultimately Doom “‘Wolf of Wall Street’…”

In response to Lou Lumenick’s 882‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on New York Post

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Lou Lumenick’s emphatic intro to “‘Wolf of Wall Street’ a dubious investment of your time” suggests a piece that will blow the reader out of their socks. But the end result is something that allows its own greed to consume it just as quickly as the subject it is based upon.

To be sure, there is much to rave about here. It is a thoroughly exciting and entertaining tome that offers drama at every turn. From the enticing alliterations to the poignant and fully relevant analogies to the punctuated plot points. It is a party of a piece that has the potential to go down as the textual bash of the century.

But alas, it instead goes down in flames… or rather burns itself out. The author’s gross abuse of quotes combined with his inclination to parenthesize large sections of his diatribe all but send this piece plummeting into the abyss, akin to the premise he writes on. These two facets violently yank the reader out of the experience and force them to investigate the references before continuing onward. It results in a stilted, turbulent read that is sure to turn them off of the author’s product for good.

Indeed, if ever there was a case for literary rehab, it is this piece. If only Mr. Lumenick would trust his obvious skill and keen perception a little more, disasters like this could be avoided. Unfortunately, lack of restraint drags his words down into the gutter and takes the audience along for the ride.    

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