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Tom Long’s “Review: An Old Man Dreams, a Weary Son Obliges” Hits Home

In response to Tom Long’s 291‑word review of Nebraska on Detroit News

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Tom Long’s agreeable manner serves him well in “Review: An old man dreams, a weary son obliges in ‘Nebraska’”, and is indeed the heartbeat that drives this text home.

Long has a plain speaking, down home style that most people will take to immediately, particularly blue collar folk. He delivers a piece of Americana in an affectionate, yet spiteful way that will charm audiences of every shape, size and economic classification. It’s as universal accessible as a Mark Twin Novel, with twice the heart.

From the moment one glances at this piece, they will identify with the author and his plight. It speaks to the struggling writer within. Never is there a sense of loftiness or entitlement with Long. Nay, the aura he gives off is more akin to the grandfather sitting on his porch reminiscing about his youth. He spins a tale of broken dreams, troubled relationships and human dynamics as if he experienced all of it firsthand. His narrative comes across so naturally and fluently, one gets the sense he could go on for days.

And therein lies the only negative about this piece—the brevity. As captivating as it is, it ends much too soon, and will leave the audience wanting more. Although the amount of detail Long provides is sufficient to accomplish his task, it is merely adequate. A little more embellishment would be welcome here, and possibly even enhance the overall charm.

 Nevertheless, a gift as precious as this should never be questioned, only accepted. It should simply be appreciated for what it is, and what it is ain’t bad—a warm slice of love that audiences will eat right up.    

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