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Amber Wilkinson “Prisoners” Is a Writer’s Punishment

In response to Amber Wilkinson’s 530‑word review of Prisoners on Eye for Film

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“Prisoners”, by Amber Wilkinson, is simply average. Beginning with the presentation of the review, the readers are confronted with nothing exceptional. The type seems cheap, as if the article was merely thrown onto the page in a last minute afterthought.

The minimalist nature of the site and the design reads unprofessional rather than chic modern. The site itself has the layout of a pop up add, making audiences second guess whether to immediately exit out of the page or linger to read.

The article mirrors the caliber of the design. With several typos and an unimaginative compilation of arguments, the audience is given nothing memorable. Wilkinson’s credibility, already put into question by the look of the page, continues to suffer as readers hit words with missing letters.

With the deep psychological roots and mental thematics within this film, a discussion about those moral topics were sure to arise at some point during this review. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Instead Wilkinson skims atop the surface of the film, never boldly declaring a statement of firm opinion or breaking new ground outside of summary.

Wilkinson’s Prisoners is the epitome of unmemorable. With its lackluster writing style and its unpleasant design, you’ll be grateful that it won’t be in your mind long.    

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