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Travis Hopson Is a Master of Mise en Scene in “Review: Gravity”

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Travis Hopson has been touched by a shining light of cinema in “Movie Review: Gravity Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney,“and the result is a composition that will take your breath away.

Review: Gravity is so profound that one may laugh a little in the beginning. The critic is direct with the viewers about the importance of the film, however science may take issue with the Hopson’s claims in the age-old discussion of Film versus Science.

The writing of Travis Hopson in Review: Gravity is superb, and one will will accept the critic’s invitation into a literary adventureland. Feelings and senses are conveyed with extreme focus, and the plot summary is offered to the viewer with care and attention to detail.

Review: Gravity is not only an entertaining journey, but it distinguishes itself as a relevant piece through a provocative examination of humanity, and how director Alfonso Cuaron is able to use modern technology to reach his audience. It’s heartfelt and sure to touch the readers profoundly.

Travis Hopson sheds light on interesting backstories, provides enlightening information on the leads and crafts his work with the reader in mind. Audiences should feel calmed during the reading, and moved.

In the recent wave of Gravity reviews, there are few as poetic and devastating as Review: Gravity.    

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