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Simon Miraudo’s “The Counselor” Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

In response to Simon Miraudo’s 913‑word review of The Counselor on Quickflix

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It’s a sad statement to laud a film review for actually critiquing, but with so many critics these days failing at their one charge, it’s particularly refreshing to see a review like Simon Miraudo’s “Breaking bland—The Counselor review.”

Miraudo’s work is a welcome throwback to days when reviews actually explored themes and engaged in thoughtful, well-formulated criticism.

Doing away with most of the expository filler that many critics rely on, Miraudo gives himself ample room to flesh out his ideas and he uses his space brilliantly, filling it with first rate observations that feel fresh (including a spot-on comparison to Breaking Bad). The performances are “fine,” but the film falls flat thanks to Cormac McCarthy “overthinking” it and Ridley Scott’s insistence on “sticking with scenes for several beats too long and drowning them in a soppy, orchestral score.”

When exploring complex ideas like these, clarity is of utmost importance, something Miraudo nails with prose that is studied and solid enough to carry his points effortlessly and make the piece eminently readable. There’s also a very subtle acerbic tone at play here that gives the work an appropriate touch of zing.

If you like your reviews heavy on the, well, reviewing, look no further.    

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