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Anders Wright’s “Review: ‘Thor’ Sequel Feels Like Filler” a Thrill Ride

In response to Anders Wright’s 705‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on San Diego Union-Tribune

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Anders Wright sets the bar high for himself in “Review: ‘Thor’ sequel feels like filler”. Thankfully, he not only clears the bar, he sets a new record.

Many of his peers tend to excel on setting up the premise of their subject or embellishing on the subject itself. Rarely does an author excel at both equally. Such is the case here. Wright creates a foreboding and engrossing lead-in to the subject that ensnares the reader’s attention and compels them forward like an ancient Norse warrior charging the battlefront. Granted, some of the build-up is weaker than the rest,and some of it is inconsequential to the plot entirely, but these blemishes can be easily overlooked when gauging the success of the strategy overall.

But the real meat comes in what follows: the author’s riveting synopsis of the premise itself.  He wastes little time in honing into its essence, and delivers a scathing, yet warranted, and entirely entertaining analysis that is sure to please even the most jaded of readers. There is a perfect balance of intrigue and disclosure here, Wright never giving away too much and yet a significant amount that, at every turn, begs the question: will he reveal too much? Fortunately, the audience can rest easy. Although he does test the boundaries on more than a few occasions, he manages to walk the line. His envelope pushing actually adds more thrill to the narrative, like a sharp turn on a roller coaster that incites panic that the entire train will derail. But to blink at such moments is to miss out on the fun. And indeed, the worry is for naught.  

Anders Wright’s talent as a writer truly shines in this piece. The end result is a ride the audience will not soon forget. Although, they’d best remember to wear their seat belt.    

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