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Rob Hunter’s “Playing Pieces” Will Silence Snotty Review Connoisseurs

In response to Rob Hunter’s 991‑word review of Ender’s Game on Film School Rejects

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Rob Hunter delivers a full critique with the entertaining “Review: Ender’s Game Lacks Important Playing Pieces But Still Delivers Some Fun. The biggest “Hunties” of the world will surely geek out over the hefty work, and the critic will likely gain confidence points from the snottiest review connoisseurs.

Playing Pieces is like hearing one playing a sweet tune on the violin, only the instrument is a keyboard. It’s a snappy tune that doesn’t allow one to sink deep in to somber reflections on murderous children. The writing of Hunter is lively, and the superb placement of jokes give the work a perma-grin quality.

Hunter is quite stern about the plot in Playing Pieces, but he conveys his thoughts with beefy paragraphs that gently drop the deep critique on the reader. One may feel like they are actually in Ender’s Game, and walking around like an inspector looking for flaws. It’s a rare achievement to put one in outer space, and Hunter accomplishes this feat with style and grace.

The character analysis of Playing Pieces is pure poetry. Hunter investigates the personality of the violent Ender like a great French New Wave scholar. “Feel the fury of my keystroke,” says Hunter (or at least that what it feels like).  The direction and screenwriting of Gavin Hood is tackled with heavy and profound sentences, which will lead many to immediately sign up to be one of the Hunties.

Playing Pieces is a real swell piece of critique, and should find it’s way to a virtual gallery of art somewhere on Internetland.    

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