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Liam Lacey Is at the Top of His Game in “Celebration of Bad Conduct”

In response to Liam Lacey’s 880‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Globe and Mail

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Wait! Stop! Whatever you’re doing, put it down and take the time to read Liam Lacey’s wonderful, loosey-goosey and energetic “The Wolf of Wall Street: From Scorcese, a shamelessly good celebration of bad conduct.” Right from the beginning of that great title, you know you’re in for a wildly entertaining good time.

This is an example of a master at play. Lacey isn’t just interested in giving the audience a good time—he’s giving himself a good time too. And, boy, is it infectious! Let’s start with the opening sentence, calling the movie “outrageous” and “an offense against modesty.” Not to mention a “celebration,” as this review’s title suggests. Does he think that’s a bad thing? No! The film’s “a blistering caricature of the ethical riot that led to the Wall Street crash of 2008,” and also “a really funny comedy.”

Hooked yet? This is only in the first paragraph. There is so much more great writing to come.

Besides being an entertaining wordsmith, Lacey also shows himself to be a master at integrating plot synopsis into the analysis. Like a great sports announcer covering a game, his comments crackle like lightning; whether he’s telling the film’s story or critiquing the actors, screenwriter and director, this work never lags. There is enough energy here to light up a hundred movie marquees.

Lacey has proven his talent as a film reviewer before, and this piece shows him at the top of his game. If you do not stop to read this, you will forever regret it. So stop what you’re doing. Right now! Read A Good Celebration of Bad Conduct. And enjoy. For sure, enjoy.     

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