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Rich Phippen’s “Nebraska” Lets Audience Know That a Film Was Made

In response to Rich Phippen’s 449‑word review of Nebraska on Sky Movies

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“Oh you wanted me to critique the film?” Rich Phippen has managed to literally review a movie in his latest work “Nebraska,” and also serves up a few enigmatic statements in the close.

Nebraska is yet another weak effort in the review game, and it’s difficult to imagine what exactly the critic thought he was offering the poor audience. People have acted in a film and things happen?

Visually, Nebraska is like smack for review junkies. The header image is outstanding, but unfortunately the content is like an unfinished college paper. Phippen may want to take another look at the work, and give the second-to-last paragraph a little punctuation.

Nebraska opens with the typical “companion piece” reference to The Descendants, which is informative but found in almost every review. There is no argument to be found, and Phippen simply tells the reader what the film is about.

The second half of Nebraska is a compilation of one and two sentence paragraphs. Phippen is clearly not interested in producing a legitimate, in-depth critique, and statements like “Forte’s turn as David is admirable” are far from Ebert-like. The piece is a lightweight review that manages to produce one sentence on the lead performance of Bruce Dern (with no punctuation).

Rich Phippen’s Nebraska is not good enough for the average reader, and certainly not suitable for connoisseurs.    

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