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Charlotte O’Sullivan’s “Game Film” Will Put Older Readers to Sleep

In response to Charlotte O'Sullivan’s 268‑word review of Ender’s Game on This is London

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Charlotte O’Sullivan gives little effort in her latest concoction of words, “Ender’s Game—film review”, and one will be curious if the word “review” has a new meaning. The work is short, and offers little for anyone interested in the concept of critique. Some may contemplate if O’Sullivan actually saw the film.

Game—Film addresses the social relevance of writer Orson Scott Card in the introduction, and the critic wisely moves on even though she fails to offer a clear verdict. That’s the problem: the critic merely says “I liked it,” and proceeds to describe the film with writing that could potentially put older readers to sleep.

By the second paragraph, one will learn that Ender, the lead character, is “a winner.” The analysis is so devastatingly disappointing that one may write their own story to deal with the pain. “Reader’s Game” could be the working title for people worldwide.

There is little content in Game—Film for one to enjoy. All the critic does is describe the film, and make weak attempts at analysis. The whole experience is silly, and some readers will find the lack of effort quite disturbing.

Charlotte O’Sullivan’s Game—Film fails due to the lack of any actual critique.    

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