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Matt Kelemen’s “Gravity: Lost in Space” Is a Fantastic Read

In response to Matt Kelemen’s 400‑word review of Gravity on

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This review by Matt Kelemen entitled “GRAVITY: LOST IN SPACE” accomplishes the beautiful blend of summary and opinion effortlessly.

Often times reviews will provide separate sections for summary, discussion about thematics, the actors or character development, and finally a section to voice their opinions about the film. These are not always labeled as such, but paragraph breaks indicate the separation creating a visual cue for its readers. Kelemen creates a unique opportunity for readers to experience the blending of these categories into a cohesive mold of a review.

Keleman takes the summary and weaves his judgment directly into his narration. In the process, Keleman gently persuades his readers into his frame of mind. This reviewer knows how to, not only write well, but provide a persuasive argument without calling attention to his intentions.

 The presentation of the review is simple and direct. One picture of Sandra Bullock opens the piece and it closes shortly after three paragraphs. The minimal hues of white and grey used as the design scheme for this review adds a slight pop to the text without detracting too severely from the review as a whole. This review is a piece of exemplary work and one that can be trusted to provide the public with a proper blend of information and insight.    

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