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Nathan Rabin’s “Out of the Furnace” Is an Appeal to Artistry

In response to Nathan Rabin’s 745‑word review of Out of the Furnace on The Dissolve

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Nathan Rabin’s “Out of the Furnace” puts you into the thick of the gloomy/gritty character study. If this film were the river Styx than Rabin is Charon here to guide you through the murky dark depths of cinema.

The word “palpable” gets thrown around a fair amount when it comes to the pantheon of overused internet adjectives. On that score, Rabin’s “Out of the Furnace” does not put you into the movie theater, it puts you into the world of the characters in this film. You are navigating the same morally treacherous landscape that populate the world of Out of the Furnace and Rabin makes every grim proceeding feel all too real via his descriptive writing style.

Minimalism is the word of the day here, and it will be used to describe the approach taken in regards to spoilers within this review.

It is safe to say or think that this review is  pretty close to flawless, and what most people would like to think of when they think of film criticism.  Rabin’s Furnace‘s descriptive nature will have you reaching for the aloe vera.

The icing on the cake is The Dissolve‘s always appealing aesthetic, maintaining its place near the top of internet criticism.    

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