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David Baldwin’s “Plan Review” Is What the Reader Is Looking For

In response to David Baldwin’s 1009‑word review of Escape Plan on We Got This Covered

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David Baldwin succeeds on all levels in the thorough “Escape Plan Review.” The work of the critic is a breath of fresh air, and shows respect to the audience.

Upon first glance of Plan Review, one can see the critic offering a pleasant layout and a substantial amount of words, which shows potential. Fortunately, the critic delivers on all fronts with his analysis (which actually is “analysis”) and makes the experience worthwhile.

Plan Review opens with a humorous and original paragraph that looks past the basic cliches of the leads. Baldwin offers a personal touch, and refuses to let his review fall to the bottom of the pack.

After a crisp paragraph of plot summary, the critic moves on to analysis. One may be surprised to find a review that actually breaks down the film, and offers insight on the film as a whole. The recent wave of Escape Plan reviews have displayed a shocking lack of effort, and Baldwin will restore the faith of the reader.

Baldwin covers it all in Plan Review, and transitions smoothly from theme to theme. The critic addresses the tone of the film, the script and then provides a substantial amount of analysis on the performances of the supporting cast. Most importantly, the lead characters are analyzed in a harsh but fair way, which is what one looks for in a “critique.”

Daniel Baldwin is a true professional in Plan Review, and should be recognized as one who didn’t give up on the reader simply because he wasn’t thrilled with the film.    

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