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Jocelyn Noveck’s “‘Prisoners’ Review: Suspsense” Is Untenable and Maudlin

In response to Jocelyn Noveck’s 666‑word review of Prisoners on Associated Press

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Jocelyn Noveck’s “‘Prisoners’ Review: Suspsense Film Is A Gripping, Smart Revenge Saga” sits right at that fine line of bearable—if you can stop laughing about the misspelled word in the title. It’s mind-boggling that such a high profile venue such as the Huffington Post would publish a glaringly obvious orthographic issue in the title. Evidently, even well-paid writers and/or editors succumb to the basest impulses of adamantly defying 4th grade English.

Noveck’s writing style is personable, but it’s so darned likable that it’s a little flabby in places. The review also reads like an advertisement at key points when evoking a more explanatory tone would have been more effective.

Noveck offers a few compelling reasons to watch Prisoners, but she also lapses into imploring the reader to watch Prisoners simply because of they way she thinks it has the potential make him or her feel.

Ultimately, Noveck gets wrapped-up in maudlin exposition over the film, but the review provides some essential information to the reader and doesn’t give away anything that a Prisoners movie trailer wouldn‘t. Even so, by far the best thing about this review is the Hugh Jackman picture at the beginning, because his face expresses more genuine emotion than Noveck’s review ever could.    

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