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Frederic and Mary Brussat “Gravity” a Spiritual Journey of a Review

In response to Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat’s 778‑word review of Gravity on Spirituality and Practice

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In the review written by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat entitled “Gravity,” readers will experience a piece with a spiritual agenda. Coming from a site with the title Spirituality and Practice, audiences should be keyed in to how this review will be different from other pieces posted in common newspapers.

This piece looks at the film from a spiritual perspective and approaches it from this unique frame of mind. The Brussats fill their review with a large amount of summary, in order to give context to their faithful links to spiritual perseverance. Although the intentions are good, in some instances too much information is divulged and spoils major character development.

The presentation of this review is slightly different from the average piece as well.  Embedded throughout the entire review are inspirational proverbs that break up each paragraph, correlating to the summary or opinion quite nicely. This tactic could seem distracting or provide an unprofessional design, however the breaks in long paragraphs to replace the eye with a short quip of intellect turns out to be quite pleasant and much appreciated.

The overall message of spiritual growth is extremely blatant and at times overwhelming, but the feeling of this review is much different. The conclusion leaves its readers feeling transcendent and capable of accomplishing good for the sake of humanity.  

The Brussats‘ Gravity is a fascinating change of pace and a success on its own terms.    

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