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Susan Granger’s “Thor: The Dark World” Makes the World a Darker Place

In response to Susan Granger’s 341‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on SSG Syndicate

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It’s a pretty impressive feat for a film review that is only 341 words long to lose the reader’s attention, but Susan Granger’s “Thor: The Dark World” is likely to do just that. Providing an achingly small amount of insight into the film, the review instead reads like a Cliff’s Notes version of some Cliff’s Notes, a movie twice distilled into one uninteresting essence.

The review itself is four paragraphs long. The first paragraph is all plot summary. The second paragraph reads like an IMDB listing for the film’s crew (“story by…”, “scripted by…” and “directed by…”). Lest the cast should be forgotten, they are the focus of paragraph three. And then it’s all tied together in the conclusion by a one-sentence review, followed by a listing of mid—and post-credits teasers.

If that sounds like a lot of lists for such a short review, that is because it is. A lot of lists. For such a short review. It would have been entirely possible to write the review not only having not seen the movie, but also having not read another review of it just to get some sense of which way the critical winds were blowing.

Granger’s “Thor: The Dark World” is so free of real substance that it all that’s left at its center is the question “Why?” Why write this? Why read it? There are no good answers to either question. Instead, just avoid it.    

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