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Mathew DeKinder’s “Funny, Touching” Is a Pleasant Holiday Treat

In response to Mathew DeKinder’s 624‑word review of Nebraska on Suburban Journals of St. Louis

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Let Mathew DeKinder raise your Holiday spirits with the jolly “Review: Directing, performances make Nebraska a funny, touching film.” The work is a pleasant read that covers the essentials, offers a healthy dose of critique and refrains from summarizing the entire plot.

The writing of DeKinder has great appeal in Funny, Touching. His opening statement jumps off the webpage  and the casual reader will certainly be hooked by “stark, desolate beauty.” The vivid imagery mentally places one in the state of Nebraksa with DeKinder serving as the tour guide.

Funny, Touching is a focused piece of work that addresses director Alexander Payne early on, and also the main character of the film played by Bruce Dern. DeKinder offers the reader a fantastic experience by bringing the character to life with sweet prose, but also addressing the performances of Bruce Dern and Will Forte. The critique is not deep or academic, but it is enough to maintain a steady flow and keep the reader engaged.

DeKinder shows his savvy writing skills in Funny, Touching by clearly noting what works in the film, and then closes out the piece with crisp but powerful sentences loaded with objective analysis.

Funny, Touching is an enjoyable read and will surely connect with the majority of the world. DeKinder doesn’t attempt to be too poetic and is far from boring. It’s a unique DeKinder experience full of rich and compelling sentences.    

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