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Simon Miraudo’s “Gravity Review” Is Truly Amazing but Has a Major Flaw

In response to Simon Miraudo’s 939‑word review of Gravity on Quickflix

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Simon Miraudo will restore the faith of the common reader in his latest (and greatest) offering, “Gravity Review,” but unfortunately makes a major mistake that compromises the work as a whole.

The majestic appearance Review will immediately capture one’s attention with the outstanding use of images and display of the glorious five stars. The visuals are not only huge, but also evenly and strategically placed throughout the review. They will undoubtedly remain in the mind of the reader, making for an enjoyable and memorable reading experience. Miraudo proudly displays his work, and the bold five stars in the finale are the perfect capstone to the review.  

Review is introduced with smart, edgy writing that will have readers laughing by the end of the first paragraph. Miraudo’s overall sentiment is effectively conveyed in the equally stunning second passage, which leads into another phenomenal image.

Readers will marvel at the quality of Miraudo’s storytelling and his ability to construct crisp, intellectual sentences with laugh-out-loud material. “Gravity Review” truly is a pleasure to read, and one can only wonder how the critic accomplished this feat.

Review finds a way to brilliantly communicate the style of the director, the strength of the performances, and the technical aspects of the film to the audience. All facets of the film are covered with intellect and care.  What makes Review truly remarkable is the flow of Miraudo’s unforgettable writing style.  

There is a flaw in “Gravity Review” and it is a big one, unfortunately. Readers will cringe with horror when the critic references the ending, although apparently not wanting to spoil anything, and makes a blatant comparison to an earlier scene involving the lead. Miraudo recklessly places an image in the mind of the reader that cannot be taken away. After such a brilliant review, it’s almost an unforgivable mistake.    

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