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Kate Erbland Unleashes the Beast in “Review: Counselor”

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Kate Erbland delivers a remarkable performance in her latest artistic endeavor “Review: The Counselor.” Loyal fans will likely hoot and holler after the reading, and one may even contemplate a nickname for the fiery Erbland.  

The opening paragraph of Review: Counselor is beefy and the reader will immediately know that Erbland means business. The critic makes a bold statement on the likeability of the main characters, and the introduction ends with a highly entertaining sentence on what the audience may experience at their screening.

Review: Counselor sets itself apart with individuality and remarkable content. Once the critic begins the plot summary, one will realize that Erbland is in it for the long haul, and won’t be taking the day off. The basic plot points are covered, but the critic injects the writing with excitement and keeps the reader intrigued. Before one can even say “plot summary” Erbland has moved on to examine techniques used by Cormac McCarthy. The reader shall be razzled and dazzled.

The highlight of Review: Counselor is the lengthy examination of the leads. Erbland is Dostoevsky-like with her ability to convey the distinguishing features of the characters, and offers a complete look at how the actors sink or swim with McCarthy’s script. Readers should be thankful for such an outstanding devotion to excellence displayed by Kate Erbland.

Review: Counselor closes out by musing on style over substance, and audiences will find the ending poignant and rich. Kate Erbland has created a fantastic piece of art.    

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