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Mick LaSalle’s “Sly’s World” Is an Electric Experience

In response to Mick LaSalle’s 642‑word review of Escape Plan on San Francisco Chronicle

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Mick LaSalle won’t be denied in his perspicacious “‘Escape Plan’ review: Arnold amuses in Sly’s world,” which is at once brilliant character study and insightful storytelling. Neither pedantic nor fluffy, this is a work that proves itself with expert criticism in full pantone color.

This is physics: parallel universes, evaluated one against the other, aren’t confused (as popularly is the case) for imprints of one another. Rather, worlds collide in Sly’s World, and each is judged on its own merit.

It’s Superman’s dilemma. On earth, nothing can hurt him. On Krypton, he’s mere flesh and bone. The question Sly’s World asks is what happens when the two Supermen become inextricably linked in a story that plays to each of their strengths and weaknesses.

The analysis is solid, best understood as a story told in movements of character. And goodness, does LaSalle deliver.  Sly’s World doesn’t waste any words on recap, but focuses on the central, internal dilemma, breaking it down into components. Sharp contrasts are made palatable by cutting them into easy-to-swallow pieces.

By the end, audiences will not only understand the physics at play in the work—they’ll be thoroughly enthralled by them and hungry for more.

This excellent work begs for a less cursory examination, but readers should try it for themselves. It’s a scotch-tasting session led by an expert distiller:  Sly’s World can’t be fully appreciated without being experienced.    

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