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Alistair Harkness’s “Catching Fire” Turns to Ash

In response to Alistair Harkness’s 173‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Scotsman

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Alistair Harkness’s “Film review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” written for The Scotsman, lifts its kilt to reveal something, well, rather inconsequential.

It’s been said that it’s not the size of the review, it’s the content that matters, but this one is not only modest in length, its arguments also come out rather limp; it feels like a whole lot of filler and readers will get the sense that they’re missing out on something.

The writing is free from grammatical and punctuational errors and the syntax is relatively well put together, giving it a pleasant flow, but, on the whole, the prose feels droopy and lifeless.

But where Harkness’s review really comes up wanting is the critique. There’s little to be found and what is there looks a bit flabby. Aside from a few adjectives, Harkness offers one line of would-be criticism:  “while the film takes its time exploring the characters, its themes and action sequences are more forcefully realised than they were first time round.”

This isn’t nearly enough to make up for the size deficiency and it can only be attributed to apathy on the part of Harkness. It’s a shame, but this one is an impotent dud.    

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