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Gabe Toro’s “Counselor Starring” Is Fresh and Original Reading

In response to Gabe Toro’s 1091‑word review of The Counselor on The Playlist

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Gabe Toro has written a fantastic review in “Review: The Counselor starring Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz & Brad Pitt,” however he is ultimately unwilling to give a clear verdict on the film in question.  

The introductory paragraph of Counselor Starring is a bit strange, but leads to a key point about the main character. Toro doesn’t make a definitive statement for the reader, bur rather opens up the work by commenting on the physical appearance of Fassbender, and details his sexual conquest of Penelope Cruz in the opening scene. The paragraph is entertaining, but it all seems a bit voyeuristic.

Counselor Starring improves during the following paragaphs, and one will enjoy Toro’s well-constructed work that break down the film with humor and an original style.

Perhaps the biggest success of Counselor Starring is Toro’s analysis of how Counselor (Fassbender) interacts with the other characters (which makes the opening paragraph relevant).  Rather than dismissing Fassbender like the majority of critics have been doing, Toro seeks to appeal to a more discerning audience and offers a solid breakdown of what one can expect.

The long paragraphs of Toro are rich with analysis, and the reader will pleased with his effort. In the conclusion, Toro makes an outstanding analogy to other new releases, and opens up the dialogue about societal problems.

Counselor Starring is entertaining, and one will probably find a lot more to enjoy with a second reading.    

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