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Monster Paragraph Breaks Rule Over Corey Hall’s “Film Review: Thor: “

In response to Corey Hall’s 611‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Metro Times (Detroit, MI)

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Don’t be threatened by the white, gaping spaces between paragraphs, reader. It’s only the the vast unknown in Corey Hall’s cutesy crafting of essentials “Film Review: Thor: The Dark World.” The writing is snappy and clever, however the critic resorts to carbon-copy lines that are dressed up as analysis.

Film Review: Thor:  is entertaining, and Hall knows to wave his magic wand of puns, but given the poor content one may find themselves searching for another realm. The work is like the superhero’s pal who makes cracks about battle, but disappears when the action starts.

The major distraction in Film Review: Thor:  is the massive paragraph breaks. Did Hall look at the web page and feel the work was complete? Perhaps the breaks give the composition a special effect and lets one linger on the previous paragraph?

Corey Hall says little about director Alan Taylor in Film Review: Thor:  and appears to be obliged to mention him by name. The lead characters of Thor and Loki are barely addressed, and the critic doesn’t provide enough analysis to make the review stand out. One or two sentences of thoughts on the main characters of a Marvel franchise is not good enough. What is the relationship of the characters? What plot devices are used to tell the story and do they work? Hall just glides along offering up all the basics that one can find anywhere.

Film Review: Thor:  is an average review that employs playful writing to make up for the weak content.    

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