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Johanson’s “Kick Ass 2 Review: The Mask Is Empty” Is Full of Choices

In response to MaryAnn Johanson’s 831‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Flick Filosopher

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MaryAnn Johanson’s “Kick Ass 2 review: the mask is empty” blasts its way along to a thrilling conclusion. With a thorough dissection of this movie as well as some insightful side commentary, this review has all the makings of a review reader’s paradise.

Johanson kicks things off by informing the audience of the biases that she brought into the film viewing experience. Its an extremely effective way of building credibility with the audience as well as humanizing the reviewer. Readers will find themselves easily able to understand Johanson’s point of view and empathize with her conclusions.

The tone throughout this review is consistent and sarcastic. In fact, her voice here is dripping with contempt and keep an eye out for the occasional backhanded compliment.

Johanson makes sure to back her claims up, making for a meaty and thoughtful experience. The only real disappointment is that she does expose some pivotal scenes just to make her point. With her considerable talent, it wouldn’t have taken too much effort to avoid this. But still—her humorous choice of words will redeem the review for all but the most staunch spoiler haters.

Johanson concludes with a thoughtful inquiry that would suggest there is more to read. Instead, she adds a link to a “Movie Cheat Sheet”. This link is a bare bones review of sorts, giving bullet point opinions on seven categories.

She even includes links to other critic reviews, though they seem a bit too hand-selected in their tendency to agree with her own views to really bring any new meaning to her work. With all of these options to explore, there is bound to be something for every type of reader.    

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