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Richard Roeper’s “Film Review: The Counselor” Is a Thrill-a-Minute Romp

In response to Richard Roeper’s video review of The Counselor on Richard

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Richard Roeper spins a suspenseful web of crowd-pleasing reviewmaking with his latest work, the delightful “The Counselor.” Lightweight entertainment in the best sense of the word, this heart-racing thriller is the perfect prescription for movie fans seeking to shake the winter doldrums.

From his opening gush, Roeper’s makes no effort to mask his fondness for the characters that populate his high-octane joy ride. He constructs such likable protagonists as Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem, while concocting a lovely femme  fatale in Cameron Diaz and nearly allowing the ingenue Penelope Cruz to steal the show.

After setting the scene with captivating backstory, Roeper works his magic, infusing his tale with odd twists and turns, keeping the viewer on the edge of his seat until the payoff of the final sentence. Like any master of suspense, Roeper knows how to keep his audience invested by refusing to reveal his until just the right moment.

If you seek a work of art fraught with profundity and provocation, you may want to look elsewhere. But if you need a fast-paced thrilling ride to endure a long winter of earnest, “deep” film reviews, look no further than Roeper’s Counselor.    

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