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Tom Long’s “Hot Air” Abandons Critique Because He Didn’t Like the Film

In response to Tom Long’s 281‑word review of The Counselor on Detroit News

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Tom Long continues his troubling pattern of failing to provide a legitimate critique due to his displeasure with the film. His latest work, “Review: Counselor offers a lot of hot air going nowhere,” relies on a simple statement such as “And that’s really it” to sum up what is essentially nothing for his readers.

Hot Air serves up a clear statement at the beginning of the review, although one may find it a bit vague especially since Long says little about the film. It’s like inviting someone over for “dinner”, and then saying “Well, see you later!” without eating anything.

Long’s argument in Hot Air is based on the script, but the critic fails to provide the reader with a normal commentary that one might expect from a “critique” rather than merely saying the dialogue is not believeable.

The plot summary of Hot Air comes up next, and it feels like an easy way for Long to address the names of the leads without having to say anything else, because he doesn’t. The reader will be absolutely shocked when Long then says “And that’s really it.”

What exactly is the point of Hot Air? It’s a question that many will likely contemplate for a moment before they move on to a legitimate review that actually displays a little effort.    

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