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Fine’s “Prisoners’: Don’t Believe the Hype” Lacks Definitive Details

In response to Marshall Fine’s 687‑word review of Prisoners on Hollywood & Fine

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Marshall Fine’s “Prisoners’: Don’t believe the hype” is a tangled review that readers will have to decipher by the time they reach the end.

When Fine makes a seemingly definitive statement, he backtracks and loses momentum with the strength of his initial points. Readers hit the first wall in just the second paragraph. They will rejoice to realize that while Fine’s tone is consistently bitter in this review, it’s not drab in style. He manages to make each wishy-washy side readable and interesting.  

The spoilers in this review are full of too many heads up moments. Fine himself describes this film as an (attempted) thriller—so to defuse its potential to thrill the audience is an unfortunate move on his part.

Fine tosses in a tiny pinch of political prose in this review. I’m not sure if humor was his intention but if it was, it failed horribly and didn’t make any sense to include it in here.

Readers will need to suffer through a back and forth rhythm until the last act of this review if they want to gain any sense of understanding out of it. If they do figure it out—they are encouraged to comment here to give the rest of us a hand.    

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