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The Stamina of Richard Corliss Makes “Steals the Thunder” a Swell Time

In response to Richard Corliss’s 1086‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on TIME Magazine

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Behold! Here comes Richard Corliss with 1000 plus words of review, and all shall bow down to the Master of Stamina.

The critic’s comprehensive tale, “Review: Thor: The Dark World: A God-Awful Villain Steals the Thunder,” is  exercise for the mind, and will help one prepare for the long weekend of reviews. Corliss doesn’t just offer a tasty snack for the weary reader—it’s a full meal of puns and knowledge that is suitable for a King’s army.

The introduction of Steals the Thunder offers a hand to the reader by immediately addressing the titular character, and explains how Thor differentiates from other Marvel heroes. One will laugh, and even momentarily sit back in their chair in deep thought as Corliss delivers his humorous commentary. Audiences will feel connected to Thor, and ready to move on to new territory with the critic.

Corliss’ take on Loki is entertaining, and some may even find it a bit controversial. The critic has an outstanding eye for detail, which the loyal reader will be thankful for. The critic is clearly in in touch with all the specifics of the Marvel universe.

The remainder of Steals the Thunder is plot summary and thoughts on how director Alan Taylor was able to squeeze so much information into two hours. Corliss skims over the names of the supporting cast, but the totality of the review is undeniably pure with effort and insight.

Steals the Thunder is essential reading, although Corliss does offer a bit too much information at times. It’s nothing for one to get Loki-like about, however some things are better left unsaid.    

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