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Marshall Fine’s “Thor-Mageddon” Hits Hard With Punchlines Aplenty

In response to Marshall Fine’s 544‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Hollywood & Fine

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Just because he does  a lot of joking around doesn’t mean that Marshall Fine doesn’t have a bone to pick with Thor: The Dark World. He takes the movie—and indeed the whole Marvel movie machine—to task in “‘Thor: The Dark World’: Thor-mageddon.”

There is a great sense of humor to Thor-mageddon. The aforementioned jokes often take the form of some unexpected punchlines to some superbly subtle setups. They’re done in a deadpan manner, too, thrown in matter-of-factly rather than with the overcompensating level of zaniness many reviewers would be tempted use.

As a result, when Fine switches gears and gets to the serious criticisms of Thor: The Dark World, it is not the jarring shift it could have been in less capable hands. Instead, it feels like a natural extension of his unique critical voice.

The sum of Fine’s efforts is an essay that, while only 544 words long, feels jam-packed. Not a word is put to waste, and the result is as entertaining as it is informative.

Thor-mageddon is a recommended read not only for those looking for a solid review of Thor: The Dark World, but also for readers looking for a little bit of entertainment. Those in either camp will not be disappointed.    

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