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Jordan Farley’s “Gravity REVIEW” Is a Brilliant, Absorbing Offering

In response to Jordan Farley’s 907‑word review of Gravity on SFX Magazine

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In “Gravity REVIEW,” Jordan Farley takes more than 900 words to make a point—a point worth making, and 900 words well worth reading.

Farley knows the value of long-form entertainment, but from the outset he takes the chance of letting the reader know just what they’re in for: an absorbing romp that banks on clenched teeth and gasped breaths.

And for its length, REVIEW delivers a terse review that is neither too generous nor too withholding, achieving a very balanced first half aimed at offering the reader a gift. The gift is just the right size, but a cliffhanger before the second page hints at an even bigger gift to come.

The rest of the review is just as captivating. Having skillfully dealt with summary (when other reviewers treat it as a springboard to their disparate list of observations, opinions, and life experiences), REVIEW determines it’s told us enough “what” and begins explaining “why.”

What results is a huge emotional payoff. Palms will sweat as each paragraph’s offering makes good on Farley’s promise in the first moments of the review. Farley isn’t a man of few words, but he’s a man of strong words, without resorting to the ostentatious bombast of his peers.

By the end of Gravity REVIEW, most readers will conclude that it’s among the greatest space film reviews ever made.    

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