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Singer’s “The World’s End” Makes All Other Reviews of the Film Seem Null and Void

In response to Matt Singer’s 752‑word review of The World's End on The Dissolve

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The bar has been demolished and Matt Singer is the one who blew it to smithereens with his review “The World’s End.”

There might be other reviews out there that are better than this one, but after reading Matt’s take on the film it seems like a waste to go looking for them. He x-rays the film and presents us with the film’s literal and metaphorical progression.

He even looks at what the film represents to the trilogy it happens to be a part of. There is not a stone that goes unturned here. Singer focuses on analyzing the characters and the story as opposed to just recounting the film in a dreaded summary which seems to be the most popular mode of film review these days.

Singer does let slip a clue concerning the names of the pubs in the film, and their relation to the overall story. While its likely that moviegoers would have noticed the pattern on their own, this detail should have been left out for the sake of courtesy. Had it been, the review would have received a perfect score.

Singer brings his A+ game to this review, and knocks this review out of the park. Everything is working. The color scheme is visually appealing, with a bold bright blue contrasting the dark black and faded gold.

The pictures are big, colorful, and enhance the reading experience rather than detract from it. Singer smartly boxes up all the incidental information (cast, writers, ratings, runtime, etc.) in an attractive black box and places it on the perimeter of the review so he doesn’t have to clog up his text with it.

It all adds up to a major win for The Dissolve. Singer is a talent to watch and his The World’s End is destined to be a classic.    

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