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Johanson’s “The World’s End Review: The Very Bitter (And Lager) End” Hits the Bullseye

In response to MaryAnn Johanson’s 968‑word review of The World's End on Flick Filosopher

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Hear ye, hear ye… another power-packed review is served up by one MaryAnn Johanson in the form of “The World’s End review: the very bitter (and lager) end”. Johanson consistently gives it to her audience straight, she snags the readers from the start and doesn’t let them go until the end. Very bitter adds another notch in her belt.

If you didn’t know Johanson, you’ll learn more than you thought in the opening of her review. She no doubt has a way with words—that’s not the issue here. It’s just that there’s a time and place and she spends a lot of time with information that could have just as easily been included on a bio page on her site.

Luckily, once she moves on, the review finds its pace and things get humming. Her tone reads personal and sincere. She seems to try and convey the exact emotions that she felt from the film, and makes her decisions accordingly. This makes for an intimate and interesting adventure.

The format could have come off as too familiar but it works. It’s easy to read, easy to understand and easy to follow. Her trusty “Movie Cheat Sheet” is linked at the bottom once again with a bare bones review if you’d rather know the hard facts rather than the artistry of language. Johanson has a strong voice and hits the bulls-eye with this review.    

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