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Tony Macklin’s “Review: Gravity” Is Choppy and Lazy

In response to Tony Macklin’s 363‑word review of Gravity on

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Tony Macklin laces his latest work, “Gravity (2013),” with references and questionable humor. The critic appears to be unsure of whether to take a comedic route, or serious approach, and the result is a choppy mess.

(2013) opens in a strange way by stating “Gravity is celebrity actors in space.” There appears to be an old-school commentary in the take somewhere, but Macklin moves on with common descriptions that neither distinguish the review as memorable or original.

Macklin references Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey several times in the review, and appears to be unaware that the connection is not an esoteric take. There is bland humor that is offered to the reader, but it falls flat along with the other numerous references.

(2013) shows potential in a few brief paragraphs. Macklin seems to be on the verge of an interesting breakdown of director Alfonso Cuaron’s techniques, however he quickly retreats to choppy phrasing and reference humor that one will likely feel unconnected with.

The entirety of (2013) seems out of touch, and unaware of what kind of review it should be. Macklin bounces back and forth, and also reveals spoilers that may not seem important to one who has seen the film, but will likely disappoint the reader who hasn’t. It’s a series of misfires that most would do well to avoid.    

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