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“The Counselor” by Brian Orndorf Exists to Take Up Empty Space

In response to Brian Orndorf’s 829‑word review of The Counselor on

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Brian Orndorf’s “The Counselor” is decidedly average across the board. There isn’t anything overtly wrong with the write-up, and that is part of the issue doing nothing wrong doesn’t’ always equate to a thing being excellent.

The issue being the so-so approach to the review. It boils down to this, just because the movie is perceived as middling doesn’t mean that the voice of the critic needs to mimic the film’s mediocrity. Unfortunately, Orndorf does just this.

Orndorf is both mesmerized by the film’s aesthetic and writing but it is his focus on Diaz’s performance that weighs the rest of the review down. Outside of what he refers to as her “flat line readings” there are essentially no other complaints which begs the question of why he scored the film so low.

He gives a decent effort, but Orndorf can’t help but spill some of the beans regarding important plot points in the film. Jokes are ruined, fates are hinted at, and themes are paraded about like show dogs. There is little that the critic doesn’t leave his greasy hand-prints upon in terms of key scenarios.

Ho-hum, sufficient, and existent are all adjectives that would perfectly describe this review. Orndorf’s “The Counselor” ends up being another unremarkable fish in an already overpopulated aquarium of reviews.    

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