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Claudia Puig’s “From Lawrence” Inspires Siri Clock That Reads Snoozers

In response to Claudia Puig’s 592‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on USA Today

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Claudia Puig’s latest work, “Hunger Games: Catching Fire gets spark from Lawrence” is a real snoozer. In fact, the work could serve as a prototype for a new Siri-like alarm clock that reads snoozer reviews such as this. It’s an extremely watered-down work that barely manages to inject a little critique amongst the summary. Zzzzzzz.

From Lawrence shows promise in the open in which Puig smartly addresses the lead performance of Jennifer Lawrence. It’s a veteran move, and the critic understands the needs of the audience. The greatest Katniss nerds may take a screenshot to add to their Katniss Lairs of Obsession.

Unfortunately, the rest of From Lawrence is one big description of the film with a few actual lines of critique mixed in toward the end. The absence of a director mention immediately makes the work a bush-league effort, and the lack of respect  is seriously mind-boggling.

Claudia Puig mails it in with From Lawrence and essentially informs the reader that the film is bigger and addresses celebrity culture. The critic says little about the specifics of the “love triangle,” but just that there is one. The entire Puig experience is cringe-worthy, and her loyal fans must know she is much better than the brutal effort given in this review.

From Lawrence is the perfect review to help put you to sleep. Make it happen, Siri.


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