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“Prisoners” by Mike McGranaghan Is a Gentle Beast of a Review

In response to Mike McGranaghan’s 949‑word review of Prisoners on Aisle Seat

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Mike McGranaghan takes a personal approach in “Prisoners”. The hopes and fears of the critic are examined with honesty and class.

By the end of the first frightening paragraph, McGranaghan may have already snatched the reader with verbal hooks. The humanity of McGranaghan follows up his opening words and the author proves to be a kind gentleman in the sea of cinema.

The key points of the plot are comparable of the proverbial dark waters of life, but this navigator of thought stands bravely as he peers out into unknown waters and chooses to inspect patiently before moving on with a flawless transition.  

The acting and direction is noted with glowing and soothing words, however it was disappointing that McGranaghan gives zero mention to cinematographer Roger Deakins. Our valiant conqueror of the written word tragically failed to acknowledge the master skipper of cinematography and the feeling is unsettling and painful.

“Prisoners” is a sturdy ship that fearlessly moves into unknown territory, and the personal touch of its leader gives this story a unique twist and themes to reflect on in the cold winds of life. Mike McGranaghan is not perfect, as none of us are, but his courage and effort is honorable and true.    

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