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Bilge Ebiri Cleanses the Hobbit Doors of Perception in “Still Bloated”

In response to Bilge Ebiri’s 775‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Vulture

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Clarity! Respect for the reader! Deep insight! Bilge Ebiri brings the goods with his his tightly structured and crisply written “Ebiri on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: Still Bloated, Yet a Massive Improvement on the First.”

Bilge Ebiri is on-point in Still Bloated with six dense paragraphs of wisdom and entertainment. The Vulture culture has immediately improved due to the mind-cleansing work that allows one to see the Hobbit light through the scary darkness of Smaugland.

Still Bloated begins with Ebiri offering a potent concoction of honesty and surprise, but it’s the second paragraph that offers something rare in the Smaug review game. The critic explains the basic plot and allows one to understand the general story. He doesn’t assume that every reader is some type of LOTR nerd, and even explains why one might be in the clear if they haven’t seen the original. There is a deep amount of respect for the reader that is highly moving.

Ebiri addresses Peter Jackson in Still Bloated with enough respect to keep the Hobbit-heads happy, but also notes how the director’s grandiose approach is perhaps a tiny bit annoying. The critic raises the bar with a fantastic bank heist metaphor that will lead Ebirinators to gently weep from pure happiness.

Still Bloated is a ray of light for those in review darkness. Let the prose of Ebiri cleanse all your Hobbit preconceptions and enter the Smaug with confidence.    

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