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Daniel M. Kimmel’s “THE HUNGER…” Forgets to Keep Reader Hungry

In response to Daniel M. Kimmel’s 696‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Sci-Fi Movie Page

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In “THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE”, Daniel M. Kimmel displays phenomenal literary ability. Too bad the reader will probably never see it.

Before things even get rolling, Kimmel apparently feels compelled to preface his work with a revelation of how his subject will conclude. This is an unwise move, which is as startling as it is ignorant. In doing so, the author blatantly assumes the reader requires certain information they clearly do not, thereby undermining the purpose of his mission and deterring the audience’s interest in the process. To make matters worse, he follows this with a weak, almost laughable attempt to make amends that any reasonable person will identify as non genuine.

In the unlikely even that this does nothing to deter interest, Kimmel rewards them with a genuinely ingenious textual assessment. The author conveys his synopsis with the competence of an established novelist, never losing his audiences attention for a minute. His clever analogies as well as the selectivity he demonstrates when building his supporting argument, engross the reader, never wasting a moment on trivial details that have no impact on the final determination. Everything presented either directly supports or enhances the author’s stance, and ultimately contributes to a well-crafted, convincing argument that will impress and influence the reader.

But to fully appreciate the latter, they need to overcome the former. And quite frankly, the chances of that happening are low. Kimmel shoots himself in the foot by disclosing too much too soon, thereby denying the reader a chance to witness his exemplary writing ability at all. Pity, as his oversight transforms an otherwise marvelous piece of literature into a self-sabotaging, plot-spoiling stinker.    

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