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Unfortunate Mistakes, Heinous Design Stamp Out Laura Clifford’s “Fire”

In response to Laura Clifford’s 879‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Reeling Reviews

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You’d never know it from the abominable website, but when Laura Clifford gets to reviewing, she is surprisingly adept. There are even times in her review, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” where she sounds like a professional critic.

Her prose (particularly her skill with syntax) has improved drastically, making her work highly readable and lending a weight to her critique. It’s not perfect stuff, but it’s solid.

And then, there are the other times. Like when she repeatedly uses (except for one instance) the word Capital to mean Capitol. Now, this may be confusing because she’s etymologically correct (capital = city, capitol = building), but the name of the town she’s referencing in the film is “Capitol,” not “Capital.”

There’s also her insistence on using two spaces after each period (the standard has been one space since the 1960s) which serves to exacerbate the already horrendous looking website.

Yes, these are nitpick-y criticisms, but they are real issues that are keeping Clifford’s work, which is otherwise great, from the ranks of the professionals.

If the Cliffords (both Laura and Robin) could update the site to bring it out of the stone age of web design and clean up these few nagging problems, they’d be on their way to being a respectable duo in the critique game.    

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